Friday, December 14, 2007

Labels on Main Topic Postings

I've noticed that Joel has begun putting labels at the end of his new Main Topic postings.


I went back and put labels on a few older postings.

If we do this for all new Main Topics, it will help Blog members find related Main Topics and the Comments under them.

Here is how they work:

The Author of a new Main Topic puts the labels (e.g,, L/C, liberal, conservative, mental health, ...) in the box at the bottom of the posting.

A reader can click on the label at the end of the posting and see all the other postings with the same label.

Ain't that great!


1 comment:

Stu Denenberg said...

Yes, labels or "tags" seem to be like inverted files. Rather than have to create a new file and then place stuff into it, you just label the stuff and let the system search for it.