Monday, April 12, 2010

Nuclear Power and the Environment

The photo shows the nuclear power plant at Crystal River, Florida, coexisting with a dolphin and recreational paddlers on April 11, 2010.

But the key point of this posting is how technology has fundamentally changed our view of the world.

I took the main photo. My friend Bernie Stopper took the closeup inset of the dolphin. The inset photo of me and other paddlers was taken by Barry Schwartz who posted our trip to Spot Adventures. I find it amazing that a group of ordinary people can see and share their adventure with anyone with Internet access in the world on the very evening of the day it happened.

If you click the Spot Adventures link, you see a map and you can zoom in and view our route plotted using GPS coordinates linked to a slide show. If you click on the icon at the lower right, you get a plot of our speed vs distance. As you move your cursor along the speed plot, you see details of location, elapsed time and speed. The most difficult part of the trip for me was the crossing of open, choppy water into the wind along the lower middle of the plot.

For more about nuclear power see: Nuclear Power for the People of France.

Ira Glickstein

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