Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Ten Heroes

[From Dr. Doris Branson, based on her presentation to the Philosophy Club, The Villages, FL. You may obtain download a copy of her Powerpoint slides here.]

Down through the ages since the beginning of the recorded word there existed the idea of a special type of entity called the hero. Man or woman; they exemplified that essence of the hope for the future.

The epic heroes of the Greeks and Romans are very different than the heroes of today but they still must have certain characteristic to fulfill the unconscious archetype of the hero. The slide show presented at the philosophy club reiterates the evolving hero in literature.

When I presented this to the Philosophy Club, discussion centered around the people that most exemplified heroes to the members. The range of the top ten heroes was most interesting and thoughtful. There was discussion about heroes for children today and do they have legitimate heroes. Some of the people selected as heroes ranged from ancient philosophers to politicians or religious leaders.

Selecting the top ten heroes is very personal. Who would your top ten heroes be and why? Please Comment!

Doris Branson

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Anonymous said...

I love the topic of heroes and enjoyed the presentation. I think heroism is something that children begin to grasp at a very early age; and I think it propels us (meaning mankind) forward, as many times, heroes become our role models (e.g. fighting good vs. evil, showing selflessness, etc). The presentation was interesting and I will be sharing it with my kids. My hero is my mom. She is the foundation for all that I do - my push to be a good and selfless mother, and my push to be the best I can through education and community service. Thanks mom!!