Monday, October 1, 2012

The Problem with High-Intellect Twits (HITwits)

[Added 05 Nov 2014] The posting below, from 2012, may help to explain President Obama's fall from popularity, and the GOP gains in their majority in the US House of Representatives, and newfound majority in the Senate.]

There are four kinds of people in the world:
  • High-Intellect Twit - A HITwit is a smart person who excels at some intellectual pursuit and foolishly thinks that makes him or her an expert on everything, despite pitiful lack of experience. These are the most dangerous people to have around, particularly if they use their intellect to rise to high positions and impose their foolish ideas on the rest of us. (Two prime examples of HITwits are sketched above).
  • High-Intellect Wise - A HIWise is a smart person who excels in a range of practical pursuits and is serious in his or her outlook on their place in society. These are the best people to have around because they are responsible for most of the great ideas and advances in science, technology, and business, helping to create jobs and the wealth of nations. We need HIWise leaders but, unfortunately, they are often criticized by the main-stream press for telling us painful truths, and they sometimes lack the personal celebrity and warm charm people find attractive.
  • Limited-Intellect Wise - A LIWise is a person of average intelligence who is serious about doing the best they can for themselves, their families, and their communities. These dutifully do nearly all the necessary work of the world, are good neighbors and friends, and add tremendous value to the lives of all around them.
  • Limited-Intellect Twit - A LITwit is a person of average intelligence who is also foolish. These are pretty much useless in terms of accomplishing anything, but at least they do not cause any trouble beyond requiring public assistance and charity, which they accept gracefully.
Fans of the hilarious Big Bang Theory sitcom will recognize the Dr. Sheldon Cooper character who is portrayed as a brilliant theoretical physicist with an eidetic (photographic) memory. This nearly ideal example of a HITwit knows everything about everything he deems to be important, and continually spouts little known, true but useless information to prove his high opinion of himself. Of course, Sheldon is incapable of actually accomplishing anything of use to human civilization. When he makes what he thinks is a clever joke, he cries "Bazinga!" and when the other characters suggest he may be out of his mind, he says "I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested!"

The second example of a HITwit is a brilliant public speaker who excels at inspirational rationalizations for his failure to deliver on his promise of "Hope and Change". He is so clever and lacking in any real experience in business that he actually believes his own foolish retoric. Despite the failure of trillions of dollars borrowed from the Chinese and wasted by his political allies in big business and big labor and big government to stimulate the economy, he has doubled down on more of the same. His major accomplishment and goal in life is taking money from those who have earned it by hard work and inspired enterprise and doling it out to those who, for whatever reason, have not. If a politician takes money from Peter to pay Paul, he can depend upon Paul's vote. Sadly, many of our fellow citizens are mesmerized by this HITwit's warm and charming personality and mislead by his shameless cheerleaders in the major media. They appear to be buying another four-year boatload of the same old "Hope" hokum he sold them in 2008. When will we ever learn?

That's the problem with HITwits!

Ira Glickstein


FauxScienceSlayer said...

As a HI-Wise it is proper to note that some Fellow Wiser ones are not fully informed. Humanity has been systematically lied to about everything, but let us start here "Becoming a TOTAL Earth Science Skeptic" explaining some science frauds. All fraud is required due to the defective monetary system, see "Fractional Reserve Banking Begat Faux Reality".

Ira Glickstein said...

Although I allowed the previous Comment to be published to my Blog, including a link to the Commenter's website, I do not necessarily agree with his opinions on anything. But I do believe in "free speech" and the Commenter (Joseph A. Olson) appears to be well-educated and has spent some time thinking about and forming his opinions, and expresses them in a civil manner. Read at your own risk!

Olsen linked to The Virtual Philosopy Blog from my recent topic Environmentalist Air Pollution on Watts Up With That (WUWT), the most popular climate science website in the world. He appears to totally reject the science behind the so-called Atmospheric "Greenhouse Effect", claiming that the effect can not exist in nature. As readers of my Blog know, I am a Skeptic about the Alarmist/Warmist view of catastrophic human-caused Global Warming. However, I accept the fact that human-generated CO2 and land use have some real, though relatively small, effect in causing more warming than would be the case absent human activities.

I allow reasonably stated contrary views on my Blog to stimulate interest and collegial discussion.

Ira Glickstein