Sunday, April 9, 2017

Engineer and Public Speaker (Me) - and the value of listening

A nice story was published in The Villages Daily Sun today. I wish my parents were alive to see it (my Dad would be proud and my Mom would believe it!).

THANKS to the excellent reporter, Frank Ross, and to Greggory Cieslak of the Science and Technology Club who recommended my story to Frank. Also to my good friends David Dingee (a fellow Parkinsonian, resident of Freedom Pointe, and Philosophy Club leader) and Jay Kaplan (of the Humanists and Philosophy Clubs) for their kind words. Thanks also to the other friends whose names I provided to Frank, but who were not quoted in the final story.

Special thanks to my good bicycling buddies who trike with me, Jerry Bauer, Lorin Slauson, and Charlie Coelho (who took the photo).

Ira Glickstein

The newspaper story mentions that I have some Blogs. Click the ">>>" for each item below to access some of my online activities:

  • >>>The Virtual Philosophy Club - Courteous Discussion of Serious Topics
  • >>>Visual Ira - Visualize Science and Technology With Ira
  • >>>"2052 - The Hawking Plan" (Free online Novel) Amore, amorality and Stephanie Goldenrod's mission to save civilization for an infinite future.
  • >>>Life, Liberty, and Technology - My predictions for the next several decades (companion site to my novel)
  • >>>Curb Your Enthusiasm - Fantasy Episode
  • >>>My YouTube Videos
  • >>>My "What is Time?" Video
  • >>>I'm a Guest Contributor to the World's Most Popular Climate Website, Watts Up With That?

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