Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Coyote Chorus - Another View of the NFL Controversy

[From Bill Lifka. Graphic by Ira.]

Group Yip Howl

Coyotes vocalize more than any other of the canids, which include wolves, foxes and dogs. Like wolves and foxes, coyotes enjoy eating those dogs and cats which are sufficiently small for them to attack successfully.

For three nights now, a coyote family group has sung its chorus probably no more than 50 yards beyond our fence. The song is one of 11 – 13 melodic compositions identified by an expert, each having a distinctive meaning. It’s a chorus because this particular tune requires at least two of the animals, but usually more. In our case, it’s the alpha male, his alpha female mate and their three beta offspring.

Their composition is called the Group Yip Howl. The alpha male howls, the alpha female “screams, gargles and laughs” and the beta coyotes yip randomly. The purpose of all this noise is to note their separating for individual hunts or their coming together after these hunts. The racket can be heard for two miles and notifies other coyote packs how many are in this pack. In this manner, coyote packs space themselves for optimum hunting territories. Also, in the mysterious ways of nature, coyote litters become smaller when the territories are crowded and larger when territories are less densely populated.

NFL Controversy

The first time I heard this Group Yip Howl, it reminded me of any news program on CNN or the other leftist TV channels as they spew out their hatred over President Trump’s “stealing” the election from Hillary. Currently, it’s the flap over NFL players kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem before football games. The president commented on this disrespectful behavior in his usual colorful fashion to afford the media another opportunity to label him as a racist.

As every Progressive knows, being a racist is much worse than having a traitorous discussion with Russians and all discussions with Russians must be traitorous, according to their current dogma. Before the purpose of “taking the knee” morphed into any number of imaginary grievances, it signified opposition to the “practice” of police officers shooting Black males in increasing numbers. It made no difference that actual data shows exactly opposite results.

But President Trump’s remarks gave the Progressive Media Moguls a tangible target, or so they thought.  I must have heard/seen Trump’s remarks two dozen times or more. It was unavoidable if I turned on the TV. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t understand the racist charges. Beyond that, all who know Trump regard him to be color blind. On the other hand, Trump is an insulter, but he’s an equal opportunity insulter.

Trump is also not as dumb as the Media Mavens pretend. He defined “taking the knee” as a direct insult to the military personnel fighting and dying in Afghanistan. In that interpretation, it’s not easy to sympathize with the kneelers. Despite wanting to pacify their Black players, some NFL teams just didn’t show up on field until after the playing of the anthem. Some stood and linked arms as a sign of “solidarity”. Some continued to allow those who wanted to kneel do so regardless of many fans’ opposition. 

Tune in any CNN news program involving a panel and see a human Group Yip Howl of which a coyote pack would be proud. The alpha male howls. The alpha female screams, gargles and laughs. The beta panelists yip and yip and yip. Their purpose is to rip and tear apart America.
I was kneeling in church on Sunday, thinking about how poorly designed are the kneelers in the pews of every Catholic Church in my experience. (In the beginning, churches had no kneelers; in fact there were no seats, either.) If the pew designers would move the kneelers just four inches more from the seat backs immediately in front they’d calibrate with the kneeling human form more comfortably. (Perhaps a little bit of torture is intended.)

Are We Misjudging NFL Players?

[Sarcasm warning] And then, it struck me that we may be misjudging the NFL players who “take the knee”. Since the time of Alexander the Great, the person who knelt before another was demonstrating reverence or submission. Also, Christians and Muslims kneel in prayer. Perhaps some of the NFL players knelt for those reasons. I imagined what I might be thinking (or praying) if I were a player of that mind.

Dear God (or Uncle Sam), I am eternally grateful for all the blessings which have come my way as a citizen of this great country. If not through chance, I’d be a native of an African country with terrible housing, food, sanitation and health care. The government would be hopelessly corrupt. Unknown plagues would ravage my family and countrymen regularly. Just as regularly, hordes of neighboring tribesmen would attack without warning and carry off my sisters and my wife after killing me and my male friends because we hadn’t adequate weapons to defend us and our loved ones. At best, I’d be captured and sold into slavery in some remote part of the world. 

Of course, that’s what happened to my distant ancestors with the good fortune to be transported to America and the bad fortune it was in irons in the hold of a slave ship. Some were treated very badly and others somewhat better but all had to work hard for a white man’s gain and all had no freedom, which was the worst aspect of their situation. Nevertheless, they were alive and they sired descendants who came to be free and equal citizens. The real blessing was the Constitution that enabled this freedom and opportunity to become prosperous but it might not have been as promised if not for the deaths of 600,000 white men as the price of my freedom and the $ trillions spent in an intent to restore what slavery had lost. 

I’m thankful I grew strong and fast to qualify for this sport. I’m not a good student as are some of my race.  However, I’ve been idolized through high school and college for playing this game and, except for a few hard knocks on the field, I’ve had a fantastic life so far. My coaches kept me on the straight and narrow path to avoid the fate of my childhood friends: early death or jail. I was lucky to tire of all the partying and find the cheerleader of my choice had home management skills beyond wiggling her butt. I think what I’m paid to play this game is ridiculous; all because these White folks pay to see me play. The brothers kneeling besides me are paid an average salary in one year that equals what’s paid to two soldiers who stay on active duty for thirty years, if they avoid having their legs blown off by an IED. They need better agents.  
What it comes down to is I’m the luckiest son of a bitch in this stadium and it’s time I started thinking of payback beyond taking my lumps today and dealing out a few myself. I can make an effort to show some of the young brothers on the street there’s a life beyond dope and killing. I’ll give it more than a try, I promise. I owe it to America.

Is it possible one of the kneeling players could be thinking that way? I’d like to think there are more than one. But it only takes one. Only one started the whole sorry thing.

Bill Lifka


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