Sunday, February 1, 2009

Florida Innundated by Global Warming Flooding

These photos are real and not photoshopped. They were taken last week as I paddled the Withlacoochie River not far from Nobleton, FL.

It seems the worst fears of this 2001 NRDC Report FEELING THE HEAT IN FLORIDA - Global Warming on the Local Level have come true!
Or, maybe not - I'm more than sure this roadsign was dropped into the river as a practical joke by some central Florida rednecks, or, perhaps it was washed into the river by a storm. (Thanks Tad for the photos.)

The water was actually a bit low in this part of the Withlacoochie and we had to change the plan from a one-way paddle to an out-and-back. At one point I got hung up on a sand drift and had to push my way out and at another on a submerged log and had to rock out.
But, it all makes for a nice story, doesn't it? Like Global Warming.

Oh, and has anybody seen any sunspots lately?

Ira Glickstein

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