Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Female-Mind vs the Male-Mind

Here is a hillarious video by Mark Gungor on how male and female brains are different! PLEASE CLICK AND VIEW IT - YOU WILL ENJOY!

It seems male brains are composed of separate boxes that never touch while female brains are totally interconnected and wired with emotion.

We've discussed the Liberal/Conservative-Mind on this Blog and this video may help to explain why men seem more likely to be C-Minds and women L-Minds according to political polling data.

We have a couple of women Authors on this Blog and, most probably quite a few women Lurkers, and I would especially like to see comments on this video from them.

Ira Glickstein


Stu Denenberg said...

Indeed, very funny (mostly) and I do agree with Ira that this might be an explanation of L/C minds also except for one thing. It's based on the insight from the saying that goes something like this: "For every complex problem, there is always a very simple solution that is usually wrong."

In other words, the simple truth is more complicated than you thought it was. For example, using this model, I have a predominantly female mind (everything connected to everything and pretty much powered by emotion) vs a male mind (separate compartments)but I have the male response, not the female one in the area of talking about problems (females want the males to shut up and listen, not solve the problem and males would rather not talk at all).

So, if the properties of male and female minds are conflated in me, I infer that they probably are in others as well and from that there is probably no simple theory which distinguishes male minds from female minds, nor, for that matter, Liberal from Conservative minds.


Ira Glickstein said...

Stu - WELCOME BACK TO BEING A COMMENTER! Of course you are correct. You have overcome the "separate boxes" aspect of the pure male mind (according to Mark Gungor's comic theory) and allowed some (not all) of your boxes to touch. I have worked with some women engineers (such as my wife) who have overcome the "everything wired with emotion" aspect and succeeded in doing outstanding work.

The success of any comic routine lies in exaggerating the underlying truth and taking the sublime to the ridiculous. Einstein said we should make things as simple as possible - but not more so.

This comic is funny precisely because he has simplified things beyond the possible and into the more so.

OK, now that you are back, why don't you post the next new Topic? For example, we have not had a TED talk lately.

Ira Glickstein