Sunday, March 1, 2009

National Character

[from JohnS]

I wrote the following (slightly modified) to a friend who sent me an e-mail video of Muslims demonstrating here in the US because of Israel’s attack on Palestine. As part of the video, a woman was shown carrying a sign “Nuke Israel”. Another sign said Israel go to hell. The video can be seen at:

I believe we are a moral and ethical people. I believe our national government is moral and ethical in their foreign relations. However, I feel that nationally we are without the character to stand up to rogue peoples and nations without compromise as I discuss at the end of my e-mail.

Hi, ________, I am going to pontificate a little

I watched the video and came away with mixed feelings.
They have the right to express themselves in America.
We should be tolerant of other peoples.
It was a relatively small gathering. There was no damage.
It was filmed by amateurs and maybe, probably, not balanced.
They probably were not speaking for all Palestinians, rather a small group of rabble rousers.
With that said:
Why did I watch it? By doing so, am I buying into their goals?
What is hate speech? A Nuke Israel sign, an Israel go to hell sign?
Are we too tolerant, are we giving our freedom away?
I support Israel in this case.
If Cuban terrorists were shooting rockets into southern Florida, would we be so tolerant?
Would we allow such a demonstration in Ft. Lauderdale? I am afraid we might!
I ask again, are we giving our freedom away? I am afraid we might!
I cannot stay neutral, I cannot be fair handed, and I could not negotiate a cease-fire.
A cease-fire protecting people who were shooting rockets into Israel before they attacked.
A people who tolerate Hamas?
A people who allow Hamas to fire rockets from their residential areas so that retaliation will
cause causalities amongst innocents.
Innocent Palestinians, their own people, yet!
At some point, we as Americans have to stand up and be counted.
Not by employing our military overseas.
But by clearly stating to the world that:
We will give no support to any terrorist group or nation that supports terrorism.
We will fully support any nation in its fight against terrorism.
Religious ideology is no justification for hate, intolerance or terrorism.
Historical abuses, real or imagined, are no excuse for continued hate, intolerance or
Nations and peoples who engage in terrorism or support terrorism will have to accept the
bitter fruits of their actions and support.
We will not speak or act on their behalf in any form.

Those last two sentences are extremely important, the media, especially the Islamic media loves to show mothers weeping, dead and wounded children, homes destroyed. We as a civilized caring nation are horrified. We would love to ride and do ride to their aid without considering that in doing so we are aiding and abetting terrorism.

[from JohnS]

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Ira Glickstein said...

I watched the video and, of course, these people have every right to peaceful protest in the US. Of course this type of protest would not be allowed in their countries of origin.

However, as their numbers grow, I can see how this type of protest could affect the political balance within the US to the point that it cows some politicians and alters our foreign policy. (Not to mention our "National Character".)

It already has in parts of Europe. And there, the protests are not always peaceful.

Ira Glickstein