Friday, May 29, 2009

Illuminati Ambigrams - Angels Demons

When I posted Aristotle's Physics back in April, I did not know the first four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) figured in the main plot line in Dan Brown's book Angels & Demons. I saw the movie this week and immediately updated my charts to show the ambigrams (words that read the same upside down) used in the movie for the four elements.

The first four figures are exactly the same, just rotated such that a different element is at the top in each case.

The final two figures show the title of the book and movie "Angels & Demons" and the name of the organization, the "Illuminati" that supposedly has murdered the Pope and threatens to blow up the Vatican.

Ira Glickstein

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Terri and Svetlana said...

I was pleased to read that Angels & Demons is on the film circuit. No doubt heading across the pond to our little island. I was also pleased to be reminded about ambigrams. Having first seen them via a circuitous route from wondering who this Dan Brown that wrote fiction that everyone over here read as fact. I'm also amazed at the expansion of the information that's available from your site. This is my second visit this month and I tried to contact you before because one of your links wasn't working, but I lost my way then and I have come at you through a Google update this time. I've kept your last email current hoping to hear that you have written a follow up to your novel that brought us together - Health , wealth and happiness -Terri