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Remembering Rena - We Will Remember You FOREVER

Mr. and Mrs. David and Rena Moyers, Ira and Vi Glickstein, and Rita and Sam Moyers
The carving behind us is the largest bas-relief in the world. It depicts three Confederate figures during the Civil War: Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis, and is therefore controversial.
A week ago, September 11, 2016, we were sad to announce the passing of our beloved daughter Rena Moyers, age 49. In addition to being a special blessing to us as a daughter, Rena was also a devoted wife to her husband David; loving sister to Lisa and Sara; and doting aunt to Alex, Michaela, Samantha, Isaac, and Emerson; as well as a great friend to many others. 

This is the seventh, and last, of our virtual "sitting shiva" for Rena, a Jewish custom for especially remembering the deceased for a week after their passing. However, all who knew Rena will continue to remember her forever as [paraphrasing her obituary]:
... an exuberant personality who chose to live in the company of deep friendships and laughter. All who knew her, including family and friends, professional associates, and the many medical professionals and caretakers with whom she interacted over the years, will long enjoy the memory of her deep kindness and gratitude, brilliant wit, sense of humor and amazing dance moves. She was also a loving wife, and mother to many “fur children” including her beloved Lola, Charlie, Wally and Molly. She was a doting sister, aunt, and a most loyal friend.


It is hard to pick out a few photos as most memorable. Here are the pictures of Rena in her adult life that I find most revealing of her character and family life.
Enjoying life in Atlanta GA with David, David's parents (Rita and Sam) and Rena's parents (Vi and Ira).
TOP: Stone Mountain 
BOTTOM: Ira in the doghouse (as usual :^) with their dog Ranger,
and Rena and David's home decorated for Christmas 2001.

Rena and David in Their Early Years Together

With her mother Vi on the cruise and tour Rena led for the Georgia Tech Alumni Association commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion.
Rena and David with Vi and Ira in Delta Business on a flight to Europe for the Baltic Cruise we took to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in 2014.
The "dress up" dinner on the Baltic Cruise ship "Legend of the Seas".
STANDING: Vi, Ira (open your eyes!), Jerry, David, Lisa, Alex
SEATED: Samantha, Rena, Michaela.

Vi and I and our entire family THANK all of our friends and relatives who have personally or via telephone expressed their sympathy, sent us DOZENS of condolence cards, and posted so many emails and Facebook comments offering us support in this difficult time. WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR BEST WISHES AND PRAYERS FOR RENA. LOVE TO ALL.

Ira Glickstein

NOTE:  This is the seventh of our virtual  "Sitting Shiva", the traditional Jewish custom of relatives and friends devoting seven days to specially remembering the deceased.

September 11, 2016 - Rena passed away
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On November 11, 2017, in accordance with Jewish custom, we Unveiled Rena's Gravestone.

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