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Rest In Peace Rena Moyers, Our Adult Child Who Passed Before We Did

We are sad to announce the passing, early yesterday morning, September 11, 2016, of our beloved daughter Rena Moyers, age 49. In addition to being a special blessing to us as a daughter, Rena was also a devoted wife, loving sister, and doting aunt, as well as a great friend to many others. 

Rena is survived by her parents Vi and Ira Glickstein; her husband David Moyers; her older sister Lisa Glickstein and Lisa's children (with Jerry Hagler) Alex, Michaela, and Samantha; and her younger sister Sara Glickstein Bar-Zeev and Sara's children (with Avi Bar-Zeev) Isaac and Emerson.


Enjoying the good times in life with Rena (in the white shirt) in 2010 on a family cruise to Alaska.
From left to right sitting around the table: Michaela Hagler, Jerry Hagler, Alex Hagler, David Moyers, Rena Moyers, Lisa Glickstein, Samantha Hagler, Vi Glickstein. I (Ira Glickstein) am standing with Lou who lives on the cruise ship.
We will remember Rena for all the great times we had together, such as enjoyable cruise ship dining on our 2010 family trip to Alaska (depicted above). However, we also honor Rena for her long and heroic battle with cancer, starting in the late 1990's. After extensive treatment, she was able to live a productive and relatively normal life for several years. Unfortunately, around a decade ago, radiation damage from her cancer treatment resulted in medical problems that required several surgeries. Then, this year, the cancer came back and could not be treated successfully. Rena was under Hospice care at home and then transferred to Cobb Hospice where she died early on the morning of September 11, 2016. Over the past year, Vi has spent the majority of her time in Atlanta helping David care for Rena.


[Adapted from her obituary
Rena had an exuberant personality and chose to live in the company of deep friendships and laughter. All who knew her, including family and friends, professional associates, and the many medical professionals and caretakers with whom she interacted over the years, will long enjoy the memory of her deep kindness and gratitude, brilliant wit, sense of humor and amazing dance moves. She was also a loving wife, and mother to many “fur children” including her beloved Lola, Charlie, Wally and Molly. She was a doting sister, aunt, and a most loyal friend. 

Rena was born at Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, PA and grew up in rural Newark Valley and Apalachin, NY. She graduated from Owego Free Academy and was a proud alum of the Rochester Institute of Technology where she studied marketing. She was awarded her MBA from Binghamton University.

Rena was a valued project manager and senior research consultant with Knowledge Systems and Research (Syracuse, NY). She was the Vice President for Research and Information Services at the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (Washington, DC), and the long time Vice President for Market Research and Web and Campus Relations at the Georgia Tech Alumni Association (Atlanta, GA). She also served as a marketing consultant for The Ohio State University and the University of Kansas and a frequent invited speaker at professional conferences and workshops. Rena was dedicated to her professional life and mentoring other young professionals.

Her greatest accomplishment may be the enduring friendships from childhood and her young adult life that sustained her in illness, including that with her best friend – her husband, David Moyers. Rena was predeceased and will be met at the Rainbow Bridge by beloved “fur children” Bandit, Comet, Duke and Nemo. In addition to these loves, Rena had a passion for soap operas, retail therapy, and Walt Disney World.


According to Wikipedia, Shiva (Hebrew: שבעה‎‎, literally "seven") is the week-long mourning period for first-degree relatives. The ritual is referred to as "sitting shiva". According to Jewish law, we assume the status of "avel" (Hebrew: אבל; "mourner"). This state lasts for seven days, during which family members traditionally gather and receive visitors.

In our modern times, when families live all over the US and the World, and where literal belief is scarce, it isn't really practical for first-degree relations to sit around on couches in the living room for a week wearing slippers.

Although I lack any real literal belief in Jewish ritual, IMHO, it does make sense for those closest to the deceased to make a special effort to remember her (at least) during the week of her departure.

For reasons I can't defend rationally, I'm very pleased that our daughters Lisa, Rena, and Sara, and Lisa's children, Alex, Michaela, and Samantha attended Hebrew school, learned to read that ancient language, and went through the formal Bat Mitzvah process. I don't think any of them had then or have now any real literal belief, which, in a way, makes it a sort of minor miracle that they did so. (This last sentence makes me tear up when I read it. How about you?)

I was also strangely pleased when, a few weeks before Rena passed, Vi asked me to put her on the Mi Shebeirach (prayer to comfort the suffering) list at Temple Shalom here in The Villages, FL. Seeing Rena's name on that list, and chanting the associated prayer at Friday evening services, was surprisingly comforting to me. I intend to put Rena on the Shloshim list (relatives who have passed away during he past 30 days) and say Kadish (praise of God despite loss of a loved one) at our next Friday evening service.

For the past months Vi and I were quite aware that we were down to a short time with Rena. While Vi was in Atlanta helping David and the Hospice staff and others serve and comfort Rena, I busied myself searching through dusty boxes of photos and long-forgotten stacks of CDs, and composing my memories in anticipation of her departure.

Some of that material was emailed to Vi and David and I was informed that some of it was shown to Rena and that she appreciated it. (For example, when Vi told me that Rena's High School prom date, Tom Myers, was going to visit, I was able to provide a photo of Rena and Tom all dressed up for that event.)

So, please join me in thinking about your good and eventful times with Rena. Read subsequent postings on this Blog about events I remember. If you'd like, you could put on some slippers, sit on your couch, and join me and others in a "virtual" Shiva for Rena.

Love to all, and specially elevated kisses and hugs to Rena, from her dad,

Ira Glickstein

NOTE:  This is the first of our virtual  "Sitting Shiva", the traditional Jewish custom of relatives and friends devoting seven days to specially remembering the deceased.

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